Hi, My name is Gabriella Arcangeli, a woman leaving on a lake in the village of Salò and a happy mother and grandmother.

My common theme has always been  Water: I was born under the star sign of Fishes, in a town on Lake Iseo where my father was a motorboats manufacturer, then he moved his business to lake Garda where now I'm very proud to live. My mother is from Romagna, a land of smiles, hospitality, food and sea. Before learning to swim, I learned to go underwater and I love diving in fresh or salty water.

I have had a varied life full of experiences and jobs, most of them dealing with tourists.For me a new job feels like filling up my tank with fuel, helping me face new challenges.

I love to face the situations with smile.

I like to travel, to know new places, meet new people of different ethnic groups because I am fully convinced that diversity is a treasure. I prefer journeys with a good amount of adventure, in contact with the inhabitants, knowing their customs and traditions, their food, even if, I have to say, I am not ready to taste certain dishes yet ... but never say never ...

Always keen to keep the door open for new experiences", last year, at the age of 58, I started up the company that menages this project. It was an idea that for years I've had been proposing and suggesting to others. Having to reinvent myself I decided to start it on my own. We live in a paradise, in an unique place like Lake Garda, with a mild Mediterranean climate all year round, where every spot is nature, where every sense satisfies its pleasure. Our territory has always been recognized as a fantastic place where you can spend pleasant days of holidays, water sports, fun and relax.


So here I am, with the pleasure of welcoming guests, to make them feel at ease, advising them on how to appreciate the area , keeping in contact, as much as possible, with locals, knowing the products of our territory, bringing back home to their own return, a sense of pleasantness.



Salita Marconi, 17 Salò (BS)
p.iva. 02543370981

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